Drug Matters

Our lawyers appear in Court regularly in relation to drug matters.

Reasonable Suspicion

When police suspect you of committing a drug offence and wish to search you, they are required to form something called a “reasonable suspicion”. When they form this suspicion, they can search you, your car and your home for drugs.

Types of Drug offences

Drug offences can range from simple offences, where you may be found with 1 gram of cocaine, to offences where the amount of the illicit substance exceeds the schedule amount and becomes an indictable offence (e.g. 100kg of cocaine).

Sentencing for drug offences

When you are sentenced for drug offences, whether you are before the Magistrate, District or Supreme Courts, there are a number of factors which will be considered by the Magistrate or Judge.

The court can consider the purity of the substance, whether the drug was being used for personal use and/or whether it was for a commercial purpose. For trafficking offences, they will look at the type of drug, the period of time that the drug was being sold for, along with any evidence of profit being made.

The court will also consider things like your criminal history, age, background, and rehabilitation you have undertaken and any other mitigating factors which they consider relevant.

Seeking legal advice

Bouchier Khan Lawyers is experienced in appearing in a range of drug offences, whether it is a possessing dangerous drugs charge before the Magistrates Court or a trafficking in dangerous drugs count before the Supreme Court of Queensland. Obtaining advice from one of our expert lawyers is highly recommended if you are facing a charge of this nature.