Drug Offences and Penalties in Queensland

Drug Offences and Penalties in Queensland

Drug abuse or illegal drug use is increasingly becoming a big problem in Australia and across the world. Most jurisdictions are trying to legislate laws to curb the menace, but the problem keeps growing bigger.  

Here in Australia, Queensland is one of the states with very harsher laws against prohibited drugs. Queensland drug offences and penalties are prosecuted according to the Drug Misuse Act. The Act spells out actions that can get you charged for illicit drug offences.  

In this guide, we are going to look at the most common drug offences and their penalties. Read the following: 

Possession of Illegal Drugs 

Possession of illegal drugs does not only mean that you own the drugs or buying illegal drugs. It means having knowledge about illicit drugs even if they are not yours. If you live with a friend that traffics illegal drugs and you know it, you can be charged with a drug offence.  

Depending on the quantity and classification of drugs, penalties range from 15 to 25 years imprisonment. Possession of schedule 1 drugs (cocaine, ecstasy and heroin) attracts a maximum punishment of 25 years, while Schedule 2 drugs (cannabis, tranquiliser and opium) attracts a maximum of 15 years in jail. 

Supplying Prohibited Drugs 

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The term ‘supply’ in this case includes transporting, giving, selling prohibited drugs or offering to do these things. The offence usually includes large volumes of drugs, including operating an organised business to supply drugs.  

According to section 6, the offence attracts a maximum penalty of 25 years if caught supplying the schedule 1 drugs. But if it’s an aggravated offence, you can go in for life imprisonment. For sch 2 drugs, the penalty is 20 years, and for aggravated supply, the offender can be jailed for 25 years. 

Possession of Property from Drug Proceeds 

This offence is in section 7 of the Drug Misuse Act. It criminalises the possession or receiving of property obtained from trafficking and supplying illegal drugs. This includes money that is obtained from trafficking illegal drugs, including money, house, etc. It is a criminal offence punishable by 20 years’ imprisonment. The government can also forfeit the property in question. 

Producing Illegal Drugs 

Producing illegal or dangerous drugs includes preparation, packaging, cultivation and manufacturing of drugs or offering to do any of them. The offence of producing drugs could attract anything from 20 – 25 years in jail in Schedule 1 drugs. If charged with producing schedule 2 drugs, the penalty is a maximum of 15 years imprisonment. 

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Share Instructions for Producing Illicit Drugs 

Section 8A of the Drug Misuse Act makes it illegal for a person to share or publish instructions detailing how to manufacture or produce dangerous drugs. The maximum penalty for schedule 1 drugs is 25 years imprisonment and 20 years imprisonment for schedule 2 drugs. 

Possessing Precursor Chemicals and Drug Lab Equipment 

If you caught in possession of chemicals used for producing drugs or the drug lab equipment, it is a drug offence as stipulated in section 9A-9C of the Drug Misuse Act. The offence attracts a maximum of 15 years imprisonment. But if you are caught and charged with trafficking precursors, the maximum penalty is 20 years imprisonment. 

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