Queensland Road Rules Including Hooning

Queensland Road Rules Including Hooning

Queensland has some of the most elaborate road rules in Australia. If you are not careful, you might get yourself in trouble with the QLD police. If you plan to visit QLD or are new here, you need to acquaint yourself with all the road rules to avoid getting into trouble with the law. 

Most of these road rules are just universal ones, but Queensland has tougher measures to keep the roads safe. If you just got your driver’s licence or you are new in QLD or visiting from abroad, this handy guide will be helpful.  

Here are some of the QLD road rules you should have at your fingertips: 

Always Carry Your Driver’s Licence 

This is a universal road rule that you must always have a driver’s licence when driving as proof that you are trained and not a danger to other road users. The licence also shows you are authorised to drive the kind of vehicle you are driving. Driving with a suspended, expired, or without a license is one of the gravest traffic matters

Obey Traffic Lights 

You must always obey traffic lights to avoid unnecessary accidents and fines. If the light says stop, even the road is clear, and no pedestrian is passing, you must stop. You must also avoid red light infringement at intersections to avoid a $300 fine and incur three demerit points. 

green traffic lights in a busy city

Observe Speed Limits 

Always observe speed signs when driving on QLD roads. The default speed in QLD is 100km/h unless otherwise signed. QLD speed fines differ from the possible damages can be cases. For a speed less than 13km/h over the speed limits, you can pay over $177, but if you reach 20km/h over the set limits, the fine is $266. For more than 40km/h over the speed limit, the penalty is $1,245 plus a possible 6 suspension and 8 demerit points. 

Demerit Points 

If caught violating speed limits, drink-driving, dangerous driving, not belting, and other related road rules, you will earn demerit points. A speed less than 13km/h gets one point, and if you hit above this to 20km/h, you will incur 3 points. Speeds more than 40km/h above the speed limit will get you 8 points and a 6-month suspension. Repeating offence twice a year will earn you double demerit points and get your licence suspended. In such cases, you will find it difficult to get special hardship orders to continue driving. 

Hooning Rules 

male hand honking the car

Making unnecessary noise or smoke will earn you a maximum of 20 penalty points, an equivalent of around $2669. However, reckless driving is the most serious hooning offence and has a penalty of 40 penalty units, an equivalent of $5338 or 6 months in jail.   

For other types of hooning offences, police can impound or permanently take the vehicle you were driving. The vehicle can be impounded for 90 days, and you pay the impounding cost. For serious or repeat offences, the vehicle may be forfeited. 

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